What Is The Best Board Games Murder Mystery For Every Budget?

To help you find the best board games murder mystery for your next project, we have analysed many products to ensure they ease your pain. We spent hours researching and reviewing a variety of models that are currently available. Our preference was for items made from durable components and with some additional features.

Out of all the board games murder mystery we came across, we’ve chosen the 10 best. We omitted models that didn’t meet our standards for specific needs and those which lacked a discreet profile. By comparing these features, we put together a list of the top 10 board games murder mystery available today. In addition, we have included a buying guide to help you get an idea of what you should look for when selecting a board games murder mystery. Keep reading to learn more about all the board games murder mystery that earned a spot on our list.

What makes us trustworthy:

We researched over 50 of the best models to compare with each other and give honest reviews of the 10 most promising board games murder mystery. Our researchers assessed the various features of each board games murder mystery, noted how easy they were to use, examined the quality of the board games murder mystery and the features available, and considered the display and design to determine where each model excelled or fell short. Our assessment will surely include everything you might want to know when choosing a new board games murder mystery to enhance your daily life.


We grouped the results from our head-to-head research into a series of different rating metrics, with the performance of each charging station outlined in the following sections.

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Features
  • Material
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Size and weight
  • Warranty & return policy
  • Customer service, and many more.

Best board games murder mystery: Our 10 Choices

Here are The 10 Best board games murder mystery

Bestseller No. 1
Hunt A Killer Body On The Boardwalk, Immersive Murder Mystery Game -Take on The Unsolved Case for Independent Challenge, Date Night, or with Family & Friends as Detectives for Game Night, Age 14+
  • Solve an entire investigation in one sitting. This is perfect for family gatherings, date night, or to play on the go.
  • An authentic and immersive investigation. You’ll feel like you are solving a real-life murder mystery.
  • In Body On The Boardwalk, players investigate the death of a seaside amusement park employee and uncover the park's dirty secrets that led to her murder.
  • THE MURDER MYSTERY COMPANY – Hunt A Killer has shipped over 4 million games to murder mystery fans all over the world.
  • For 1-5 players. 45-60 minute playing time. Ages 14 plus
Bestseller No. 3
Grey Fox Games Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Board Game, Fast Pace Murder Mystery, 20 min, 4-12 Players, Age 14+ ...Who Among You Can See Through The Lies or is Capable of Not Getting Caught
  • Game includes 12 Role cards, 200 Clue cards, 90 Means cards, 32 Scene Tiles, 11 Badge Tokens, and 6 Wooden Bullet Markers
  • German (Publication Language)
Bestseller No. 4
Clue Board Game Treachery at Tudor Mansion, Clue Escape Room Game, Murder Mystery Games, Cooperative Family Board Game, Ages 10 and up, 1-6 Players
  • DYNAMIC GAME BOARD: Players move their pawns around the board exploring locations. The gameboard builds and changes, revealing rooms and clues as players solve puzzles that unlock the mansion
  • MYSTERY GAMES MAKE GREAT FAMILY GIFTS: Strategy board games are excellent gifts for families that love playing indoor games together 
  • ESCAPE AND SOLVE MYSTERY GAME: Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion offers the suspense and intrigue of the classic murder mystery game, Clue, in a dynamic escape room board game. 1-6 players, ages 10+
  • FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY GAME NIGHTS: Players can immerse themselves in this cinematic, single-play experience. It's a murder mystery board game that'll draw all into a story they won't forget
  • 1-TIME SOLVE COOPERATIVE GAME: Enjoy Clue in a totally different way! Players join forces and use sleuthing skills to escape the mansion before police arrive, then work together to solve the mystery
Bestseller No. 5
Nightmare Horror Adventures | Murder Mystery Board Game for Adults and Teens (English Version)
  • INCLUDES – Board game components, 5 x blindfolds, 5 x pencils, 5 x notepads, access to interactive multimedia (computer or tablet required; not included).
  • A MURDERER AMONG US – What lies ahead is a night even more horrific than the one from your childhood. To solve the murders, you must first prevent your own…
  • ROLE PLAY – In this thrilling and immersive board game experience, 4-5 players role play as a team to solve this gruesome murder mystery.
  • GAME PLAY – 4-5 players, ages 16+. Game lasts 120 minutes.
  • WELCOME TO CRAFTON MANSION – 15 years after the horrific murder of your parents, you return to Crafton Mansion—your childhood home and the scene of the crime—to solve the cold case murder mystery.
Bestseller No. 6
Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game:Secret Murder Across Time & Space, Unsolved case Files clue Board Games for Adults Family Date Night Scary Party, clue Board Office Games
  • Tips: This is a tricky game, only murder can be liar
  • play game just for fun: we are groups of murder mystery game fans, this is our first draft, we know it is not perfect, but we still want hope it bring laugh to you that why we here.
  • Improvements: we are willing to take your suggestion to improve the product, if you have any suggestion or great ideals, welcome to contact us
  • Solve an entire investigation in one sitting. This is perfect for family gatherings, date night, or to play on the go.
  • MYSTERY BOARD GAME: A murder crime was committed on the grounds of NED Company. There are 6 suspects in crime scene, each of them has his own motive for committing the crime. As one of a suspect, you have to find all the details and others crime evidence to prove your innocence
SaleBestseller No. 7
Wolves of Mercia - Ultimate Werewolf Social Deduction Strategy & Murder Mystery Board Game - 49 Jumbo Tarot Cards - Thrilling Large Group Game for 5-16 Players for Parties & Family Game Night
  • DEATH IS NOT THE END: Keep players engaged with four Phantom cards to provide a way to stay in the game, even after death!
  • WEALTH OF MERCIA: Includes 49 jumbo-size cards, hand-illustrated player board, a lore rich story book, and more. It's the ultimate werewolf experience for fans of social deduction and murder mystery games of all ages
  • WARS OF MERCIA: In Mercia, there are no helpless villagers. With 14 unique, asymmetric ways to win, every player is as dangerous as the dreaded werewolf
  • THE WOLVES ARE HOWLING: The ultimate werewolf game has arrived! Wolves of Mercia is a game of social deduction, strategy, and cunning
  • WOLVES HUNT IN A PACK: Bring your pack together for one great family game night! Wolves of Mercia fits 5-16 players, each with a unique role! Features endless replayability, you're in for a unique experience and outcome each time you play!
Bestseller No. 8
Unsolved Murder Mystery Game - Cold Case File Investigation - Detective Clues / Evidence - Solve The Crime - for Individuals, Date Nights & Party Groups - Murder of a Millionaire by CRYPTIC KILLERS
  • A GREAT NIGHT IN - With approximately 2 hours of game play (depending on your skill level) and a difficulty rating of 3.5/5 this "whodunnit" style thriller will provide a fun night in for all who choose to participate. If you can't crack the case without a secret clue, hints and answers are available online.
  • BEST COLD CASE FILE GAME AVAILABLE- A murder has been committed in the town of Redmond, UK. The body of Chloe Whittle, a millionaire lottery winner, was found with a deadly stab wound to the chest. Play detective to crack this gripping unsolved case, and bring the criminal to justice.
  • MADE FOR INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, GROUPS & PARTIES - Murder mystery lovers and CSI fans will love this challenging brain teaser. It's perfect for teens or adults looking for a fun night in at home - whether you're looking for an interactive "couples night" experience, an immersive family games night, or a fun dinner party with friends.
  • 29 PIECES OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE - Inside the case file, you'll find newspaper articles, crime scene investigation photographs, receipts, betting slips, police reports, train times, CCTV footage, phone/text records, a coroners report, a map, witness statements, photographs and more.
  • SEARCH THROUGH A POLICE INBOX - In addition to the physical evidence supplied inside of the box, you'll need to access an online police officer's inbox to prove the suspects innocent or guilty - but it's not easy...you'll need to be a smart investigator to gain access!
Bestseller No. 9
Bullets on Broadway Murder Mystery Party Game for 3-20 Players | Play In-Person or Virtually | Broadway-Themed Game Fun for Ages 13+ | USB Loaded with Printable Game Files | Play Multiple Times
  • FLEXIBLE GAME: Play with any combination of the 20 included characters and the host can play too! Play with 4-20 people either virtually or in person!
  • THREE ROUNDS OF EVIDENCE: Play three rounds and reveal clues and information about each character. Suspects have innocent and guilty stories to make the mystery exciting and give players more clues to catch the killer!
  • BROADWAY TALENT: Created and Written by Broadway Talent and the detective role is voiced by Broadway Actress Betsy Struxness (Hamilton Original Cast)! Great gift for Broadway fans!
  • MULTI-PLAY: The murderer is secretly chosen at the start of each game and could be anyone. Great for playing multiple times with a new killer each time! Never get bored of playing!
  • DOWNLOADABLE FILES: Receive all your game files on a USB drive to print at home and play multiple times! Includes everything you need to print, plan, and play your Broadway-themed murder mystery game night (host guides, character booklets, question menu, evidence videos, invitations, awards, Broadway playlist, and more)!
Bestseller No. 10
X DETECTIVE'S CASE Files|Unsolved Mysteries Cold Case Files-Who Murder Gyasi MacArthur | Murder Mysteries Board Games Adults|for Party, Camping,Travel Games- Can You Solve Clod Case Files?
  • Perfect For Individuals, Couples, Groups & Parties- Teen and adult murder mystery game fans love the cerebral challenge. Couples looking to escape boring date nights are amazed with the interaction and teamwork that develops when you work together to solve this mysterium. It's the best choose for family games/camping games/travel games/carnival games/bachelorette party games and birthday party games. It's also perfect holiday gifts to break out on your next dinner party or family get together.
  • Over 70 Investigation Documents And Photos- This unsolved case files game includes over 70 evidence photos and documents for you to investigate including newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, evidence report, phone records, coroners report, fingerprint card, map of the crime scene, legal documents, suspect interrogations, witness statements, character photographs and much more. Everything about the murder mysteries is realism, you will feel just like it is a real cold case board game.
  • Best Cold Case Files Game Available-Solve the crime! Unsolved mysteries realistic crime case files! This murder mystery game has been created by a team of writers advised by police investigators and crime scene psychologists. Shows a realistic approach to criminal motives, evidence and clues. If you are a fan of fictional criminal cases you will enjoy this cold case files, Because you won't be able to stop thinking about the hunt a killer until you solve it! The best cold case in date night!
  • The Highest Quality Visual Presentation- Every document and photo in unsolved mysteries, all using the highest quality printing techniques, high-definition evidence pictures, hand-drawn maps of the crime scene, and cleverly designed brain-burning questions , realistic newspapers and magazines, and durable materials make our board games a favorite and collect for murder mysteries lovers.Convenient travel games,for family game night or airplane travel essentials/road trip essentials for adults.
  • Solve 3 Mysteries To Crack The Case - Wonderful unsolved mysteries murder cold case, and the cunning murderer may not even be alone, unscrupulously trying to achieve ulterior motives: poisoning, Murder in the Chamber of Secrets, falling from high altitudes, multiple deaths. Every miraculous murder mystery game technique will be in cold case When the secret is revealed, you need to identify the confessions of the suspects one by one, find the flaws, and reveal the killer's ingenious means.

Buying board games murder mystery: What to Consider?

When we talk about buying a board games murder mystery, one of the areas that need some attention is a purchase decision. How do you make your purchase decisions? Do you think the product has merely looked nice, or are there other factors you consider before buying it?

Buying a new board games murder mystery is always exciting and fun. However, it can also be stressful and confusing. It is important to ensure that you are buying the right product for your needs and that it will last for years.

You can easily get caught up in the excitement of finding the perfect board games murder mystery when shopping for one. But before you buy, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Quality: Quality is also important because it can affect overall performance. Buying a low-quality product might mean replacing it sooner than you’d like.
  • Material: The material of the product can have a big impact on its durability and longevity. If you’re looking for something that will last, buying from a reputable company that sells high-quality products is important.
  • Price: Price will help narrow down your choices and prevent you from getting carried away by unnecessary features or accessories that might raise the cost of the product.
  • Design: The design of a product determines how easy it will be to use the item and how much space it takes up. You want something easy to clean because this means less maintenance time spent on cleaning up after yourself!
  • Ease of use: If you buy something that isn’t easy to use or operate, you may waste time trying to figure out how to use it properly before getting frustrated enough to stop using it altogether!
  • Durability: If you want something that will last longer, make sure that it is durable and made from high-quality materials resistant to damage and wear and tear over time.

Briefly, let me explain:


To begin with, you should consider what features the board games murder mystery has.  There are many different types of products that you can buy, and each one has its own unique or similar set of features. To buy a board games murder mystery, you must ensure that it has all the necessary features.  Features are the main reason people buy things. The more features a product has, the more expensive it will be. It’s worth noting that sometimes the most expensive products aren’t always the best for your needs. You may want to look for products with only the features you need and then compare prices among different sellers.


This is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for any product. The quality of a product can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another, even if they’re selling essentially the same thing. You can usually tell how good a product is by reading reviews written by other customers who have already purchased it — although not all companies post reviews on their websites (or they might be fake).

If the quality isn’t good enough, then there’s no point in buying a board games murder mystery because it won’t last long before breaking down or becoming unusable. It’s important to get something that will last so that you can get your money’s worth out of it and enjoy using it without worrying about whether or not it will break down within months of buying it.


The material that your board games murder mystery is made from will determine how long it lasts and how easy it will be for you to maintain it over time. Some materials are more durable than others, and some are more comfortable, while others may be toxic and cause health problems when used regularly. For example, some plastic products will be cheaper, but they do not last as long as wood or metal products. It’s important that board games murder mystery should be made from a material that’s durable and easy to clean. It is also important to consider whether the material used is environmentally friendly or not.


The design of a board games murder mystery is important because it determines how well it will perform its intended function. If it does not meet this standard, chances are you will use it less often than you would have if it were designed better. The design also can have an impact on how easy it is to use as well as how appealing it looks. Buying an item with a poor design may be difficult to operate or look ugly. You should select board games murder mystery that have been designed by experts who know what they are doing so that they work well and look good.


The price of the board games murder mystery can vary depending on where you buy it from and what type of quality you are looking for. If you want a higher quality product, expect to pay more for it. It’s important that you make sure that whatever you buy is within your budget so you don’t exceed your allotted amount. If this happens, it can cause problems in other areas, such as paying bills or providing food for yourself or your family.


Brand reputation matters. While some brands are better than others, choosing a reputable brand can help ensure that your product will be high quality and last longer than others in the same price range.

Read customer reviews

Reviews are a great way to discover what other people think of a board games murder mystery. You can see if they like it or if they’d recommend it to a friend. Some reviews will be from people who only bought the product once and didn’t like it, while others will be from people who have used it for years and love it.

You can use this information to help you decide if the board games murder mystery is right for you. If most people say that an item works well, it probably does. If most people say an item doesn’t work well, you might want to skip that one.

Look at the seller’s return policy

If you’re buying board games murder mystery with a warranty or return policy, make sure it’s not too short or restrictive before making your purchase. If there is anything wrong with your item or if it isn’t what you expected when it arrives at your door, make sure that returning it isn’t going to be an ordeal before proceeding with the transaction. You don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t work or fits poorly just because the seller won’t refund or exchange it!

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